Thursday, August 09, 2007

Keep on Chuckin' - in color

Keep on Truckin' - so sixties. 2008 is all about "Keep on Chuckin' "

Daily Chuck 8/09/07

There aren't any Piranha in Gosh Lake...or are there?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Daily Chuck 8/08/2007

Here is a sketch of the Peck-Car, Wally Woodpecker's Hot Rod, loosely based on (what else) a Plymouth Superbird.

Included are a few of the Peck-Car's technical specs. Look closely - a couple of it's hidden gems are revealed!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Daily Chuck 8/07/07

Today's "Chuck Work" was all about the written word. Getting all those mad ideas out of my head and onto paper. Today I worked on character descriptions for an upcoming studio pitch. Here's an insider's glimpse at Woodchuck Chuck:

Woodchuck Chuck is the superhero protector of the Redwood forest. His personality is a cross between the sly wit of Droopy and the energy of SpongeBob Squarepants. His appearance is of a human in a woodchuck costume. Throwing sticks is his shtick. Woodchuck Chuck is always smarter than the bad-guys, but isn’t always spot on with his aim. Known affectionately as “The Sliver Surfer” when on his skateboard, used when the forest becomes too thick for The Chuck Truck. He is never seen out of costume.

Inspirations: Droopy, SpongeBob, Superman, Spiderman, Lone Ranger

Monday, August 06, 2007

Keep On Chuckin' - Daily Chuck 8/06/07

and here it is...

"Keep On Chuckin'"

Yup, I missed my "Daily Chuck" yesterday. I was busy driving the day away. But I did have time to think about WCC a bit - and came up with the perfect slogan:

Keep on Chuckin'

I imagine it'd make a great T-Shirt, with Chuck leaned back in imitation of the old "Keep on Truckin" logo.

It'd look great on mud flaps too. Especially on logging trucks.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Daily Chuck 8/04/07

Saw RUSH last night - part of the stage show has the South Park characters on screen pretending to be RUSH. Although I am not a particular fan of South Park, the skit was hilarious, and prompted me to envision Woodchuck Chuck as Neil Peart, Wally Woodpecker as Geddy Lee, and The Beav as Alex Lifeson. I tried to exaggerate the drum kit, but I think I actually fell short of reality.

I give you CHUK!

Now get ready to RAWK!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Daily Chuck 8/03/07 - ten minutes early!

...because I may not have time tomorrow (going to a RUSH concert!!!) - I give you tomorrow's Daily Chuck, today! (now nine minutes before "tomorrow")

Daily Chuck 8/02/07

The Beav on his preferred mode of transport - "The BeavWheel"

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Teen Termite!

I was never really happy with the original design for Teen Termite, which is why he only appears in one tiny spot here on this blog.

I redesigned him today, and I think I like this one much better!

So I give you Teen Termite 2.0!

Daily Chuck 8/01/07

Bigfoot has a love for Woodchuck Chuck that borders on obsession. Bigfoot is also very jealous of Teen Termite, and Teen Termite isn't terribly fond of Bigfoot either. I think it's a height thing.

Anyways, here's WCC getting a surprise as Bigfoot attempts to become his next sidekick.