Friday, November 10, 2006

Who is Woodchuck Chuck?

As head of sales and service for Quality Used Trees, Chuck leads a blissfully boring life while leading his company to #1 in customer satisfaction.

But boredom abates and excitement escalates when nature calls...for HELP!

That's when Chuck charges to action, hurls off his horn-rimmed spectacles, and becomes the laudable log lobber Woodchuck Chuck!

"Who knows how much wood Woodchuck Chuck would chuck? Woodchuck Chuck knows!"

With credo echoing through the leaves and logs flying hither and thither, Woodchuck Chuck breaks through the branches to thwart the nihilistic plans of nefarious nere-do-wells like Wally Woodpecker and The Beav!

Speeding through the trees in his super-modified Chuck Truck, Woodchuck Chuck fights the boundless battle to keep the forests safe for innocent woodland creatures, majestic redwoods, and even icky banana slugs.

Joined by his sometimes sidekick Teen Termite, Woodchuck Chuck maintains his marginal masterhood over evil while at the same time avoiding the amorous advances of the mysterious Bigfoot.

He can also get you a great deal on a lightly used Redwood by the riverbank!

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