Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daily Chuck 7/31/07 - Introducing "Fetch"

I've mulled this one around for a while - it was even suggested by a friend at one point - should WCC have a dog named Fetch? Yes, the comedic opportunities are endless, but my concept of who/what Chuck is does not lend itself to him being a dog owner, or even to dogs being a part of his world.

Today I thought it through a little more. Maybe instead of a dog, Woodchuck Chuck has a pet raccoon. But I've already conceptualized anthropomorphic raccoons as part of the world in which Woodchuck Chuck lives. Should I relegate raccoons to a lower echelon of existence?

Then I realized that although Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, Goofy walking Pluto on a leash is perfectly acceptable. Evolution is a cruel mistress in the cartoon world.

So if I do decide to further develop Fetch as a character, there will be different levels of "raccoon" in the world of Woodchuck Chuck.

I'm okay with that. Besides, they already wear those cool little masks!

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