Sunday, November 09, 2008

Woodchuck Chuck & Phil

Woodchuck Chuck is often assisted by a forest spirit named "Phil."

Phil manifests himself as Woodchuck Chuck's shadow.

Phil comes and goes at his own leisure, but is often able to assist Woodchuck Chuck when the (wood) chips are down.

Phil has no power in total darkness, but even a small candle or match can be enough to call Phil forth.

Phil is a trickster, and can at times frustrate Woodchuck Chuck.

Phil is especially unwelcome when Woodchuck Chuck is merely "Chuck." Phil sees Woodchuck Chuck/Chuck's secret identity, and his attempts to maintain it, as just another game.

In fact, it often appears as though everything is a game to Phil. But his assistance and friendship are invaluable, and his thousands of years of wisdom are not to be underestimated. He fully recognizes and respects Woodchuck Chuck's "good fight" and will stop at nothing to assure that the forests remain safe for everyone and everything.

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